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5 Tips To Augment Your Ecommerce Business.

Owning an e-commerce business is an uber-cool thing that one can hear among many other companies. “I own an e-commerce business” turns many heads when you are in a networking event. The world is moving faster, and there is always room for those things which make our life easier.

E-commerce business has almost taken away the scaling scope of many traditional marketplaces. Though it sounds super easy, it might not be that when you run an e-commerce business.

While many employees of most of the renowned organizations of Silicon Valley, get apart and start their e-commerce business, many fail for not having appropriate e-commerce tips and tricks to implement. Not the tips, here I suggest you five lessons which are the must-have things if you are an e-commerce market player.


  • Focusing on the Volume:


Do you know how most of the e-commerce business provides its customers with awesome deals and offers? Because they don’t focus on earning massive profits from each customer, instead they focus on sharing their advantage through the offers they give them.

Focusing on the Volume

Though most of the big fishes they focus on cash burning in the initial period of their business set up to be availed with more considerable profit in future, e.g., it took 14 years for Amazon to get that vast profit it gained in 2015.


  • Defining your Market:

Defining your Market


Even when your own an e-commerce business which is availed worldwide, not everyone exists in the world is your customer base. Defining your exclusive customer base is very important for setting your marketing mix.


  • Investing in Resources:


In any business learning and developing is the main mantra to keep you going in the race. If your business seeks supporting tools and assets to compete and to study to run effectively, you must always be ahead to do so. If you are in the very initial stage of your business or you are playing for a more extended period, one among all E-commerce tips will be investing in Resources.

Investing in Resources

For pulling in your target customer’s information and for simplifying your support history and track orders you must have the support of various software and resources.


  • Networking with fellow business owners:


Though you serve the complete different range of product or you are selling the same kind of product that others are already doing, don’t forget to get connected with all of them.

Networking with fellow business owners

It is not a competition, and you are not a competitor from the very first day you come to light with your business set up. In the current scenario, people are much open about knowledge and ideas sharing. If it was not so, the co-working space culture had never happened at all.

Incumbent business owners will give you e-commerce tips and will help you to ignore the mistakes they might have performed, whereas start-ups will provide you with fresh ideas to implement for your business.


  • Engaging your customers:


Focus on engaging your customers through various offers and deals and make them come again to you with multiple reasons like redeeming the gift vouchers or the gift cards they got on their birthdays.

Engaging your customers

Once an individual becomes a purchaser of your ecommerce business that’s your customer forever, you at any cost must retain the customer who has just purchased any product from your business.


Hello, I'm Patrick Veteran From Silicon Valley and chip making industry. I worked with Nvidia, Broadcom & Nokia. I started this blog to write about latest trends in this industry.

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